Just got back from Rooster mountain. We decided to go camping this weekend with a group we had met on the trail a few weeks back. When they called to invite us I was a bit skeptical due to the fact I didn't know any of them. However they turned out to be a pretty good group of people.

We all met up at the bus station after work on Friday. Then we headed out to Qijiang which is about an hour south of Chongqing by bus. Then when we arrived Qijiang we stopped at a restaurant to get a snack since we had a couple hours of travel ahead of us. After that we took a couple mini van to haul the 11 of us to the camping area trailhead which was about a 40 mintue ride from the downtown. Arriving we all started hiking up the trail with our gear in the dark. The weather was very cool and comfortable for our hike. Once we got to the halfway point we stopped at a farmers house where 2 of the people in our group would be leaving thier car. The road is like a 2 track and they didn't want to drive any farther than that. You could of made it an a SUV or truck fairly easy though. Actually a car you didn't care about would also work. Anyways then they hired the farmer to carry in some of the extra gear, food, and drinks. He carried around 100 lbs. of stuff for around 7 dollars. After arriving at the lake, which was man made by a dam, we all set up our tents in a grassy area next to the lake. After we all began warming our dishes we brought from home. The first night everyone brought a dish to pass. I made spaghetti which a lot of people enjoyed and Maggie made red boiled pork which was also a hit. After we began drinking and partying to finish the night.

The next day was spent hanging out and doing a little bit of fishing and hiking. Everyone joined in a few different games throughout the day as well. Then we started our dinner with a main dish of hot pot folled by a campfire dance party with more drinking. Everyone was a lot mellower this night compared to the first, maybe a good thing.

Then Sunday we woke up thick fog making hard to see the lake that was right next to us. We bagan to make breakfast followed by cleanup. After finishing the fog had lifted and we began our hour long hike back out to the front gate where we could catch a bus back to Qijiang. Arriving there everyone decided to go eat the local fish pot which is famous in this town. I was really to interested since I don't like fish very much, especially when it's just a whole fish with bones whacked up in a pot mixed with the spices, peppers, oil, veggies, etc. However after trying it aside from the bones it was pretty good. Then it was time to head to the bus station and get back to Chongqing.



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