Well since I got back from CQ Yangzhou has been very warm and sunny. I'm sure it won't last but I've been wanting to buy a new mountain bike and with the weather I couldn't wait. It was so great to just hop on and cruise the city for a while. You can really see so much more when you get out of the car. It was actually my first time to do something like this in Yangzhou and I really did get a whole different view. So now I am even more anxious for spring to really roll in and keep exploring around. Yangzhou is well known around China for the spring time view.


Maggie Xiang
02/25/2010 05:47

Wa... so nice weather, it is so difficult to enjoy sunny and warm in CQ now.

02/25/2010 16:37

Troy you two are so dang cute! Can't wait to see you and meet your wife!

05/17/2010 09:58

did you have to take a written test for the licence? good job either way.

04/11/2011 18:49

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