Sunday Maggie had to work so I drove to Suzhou to meet a group from Shanghai. I had found their club info on the net. They have a Specialized store in Shanghai and run their own club.

Anyways I showed up and they arrived shortly later at the meeting spot. Quite an odd group, 11 foreigners and one Chinese. Had a good mix with people from UK, Austrailia, France, Belgium, US (me), Malaysia, and the Chinese guy. 

They were all very fun people and we had a good ride. It was refreshing to have so many people to speak English to for a change. I get a chance to brush up my vocab you know. There was even one guy that is a product engineer for the brand of fabric softener I use in China. The reason that is cool because I got the chance to complain how their softener thickens in the winter and won't go into the washer. Funny thing is that was the whole reason he was here, to work on the new formula that is good for -10 C. Nice to be able to complain that direct for a change.



Great info, thanks

03/26/2012 23:45

will return soon


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