Kung Fu Chicken by Maggie

Well we finally got around to taking a vid of Maggie's Kung Fu Chicken (TM). This is some spicy stuff that you need authentic Chinese ingredients to make. Especially the peppercorns, which are commonly used in Sichuan food and is a famous product of Maggie's hometown, Chongqing. Please read about it here. It is very delicious though, however the first taste of the strong Chinese peppercorn can be a little different but I'm sure it will grow on you. I can eat the sauce directly now. If you aren't lucky enough to have some of these whole peppercorns you may be able to find Szechuan peppercorn powder in your supermarket. It obviously will need some adjustments (much less) and not be exact but your welcome to try and let me know how it turns out.

Start off by preparing your ingredients and removing anything flammable from your kitchen. ; ) 

1 chicken breast cubed (1-2 cm pieces) need to be small to cook fast and take in flavor (with 2 teaspoons starch mixed in)
2/3 Cup dried chili peppers (whole with seeds) cut to 1 cm pieces
1/4 Cup diced fresh ginger with peel on ( the stuff with peel)
1 1/2 Tablespoon Chinese peppercorn (whole and dry)
1-2 Tablespoon salt or to taste (the spice needs a lot of salt) 
1/4 teaspoon sugar (very important to compliment to spice!)
Some dry chicken bouillon (optional) 

Prepare - as directed by the professional. This goes together really fast so get it down in your head first. Make sure to add the stuff as ordered, makes a bigger difference than you'd think. Also make sure to fry hot to get the chicken done fast and a bit crispy outside. The chili peppers should be a bit burnt but not charcoaled to bring that flavor out.

To eat - you should be using chopsticks so you can eat the chicken without eating the pieces of ginger, chili, and peppercorn. Do not try and take a scoop full of this stuff to eat like you would US food. However we do like to have a few SMALL pieces of the clumped up sticky sauce that you'' have if you cooked it right. 

After there is no chicken left in the dryish sauce do not discard. We like to take it all and put it in the food processor to grind it up. Just enough so small pieces are left but not soup. This can be used to flavor many things from noodles to meat, be creative until a recipe comes from Maggie. We like to use for a dip with boiled veggies, grilled meat, or Chinese BBQ chicken, etc. A little extra HOT oil can be added to the jar for extra preservation. Then keep the sealed jar in the fridge. 

Buy - Sichuan Peppercorns http://www.bulkpeppercorns.com/szechuan_peppercorns Ihave no idea the authenticity of these so buy at your own risk. However they look good.