Well after a week of cold rain and snow yesterday I woke up to sunshine this morning. A big surprise to me, so I thought I had better not miss out. I decided to head out on the bike, I wanted to go north outside of town to the farms, then head east to the river. I would be riding through all small rodes between the farms, then follow the river north to some big lake I see on Google Maps. Now it looks easy on there but you'd have to see it up close and personal. 

Well anyways I left the house and got two blocks before I realized I needed warmer gloves and another coat. It was apparently much colder than it looked at 9am. After that it was ok and I was on my way. Everything was smooth until I made it out to the river. It was all off road from there and I guess I didn't think about it raining the whole week. So I got hung up in lots of mud and my tires began loading up to the point of at least tripling the weight of my bike. Also my shoes had a couple inches on them. That's when I figured I be smart and call it quits. It was really nice there but I could see it was only going to be miserable from there forward. So I decided to turn around to head home for lunch, bike wash, and new shoes. Then I'd ride around the scenic west part of town in the afternoon. So after getting back I had the local car wash pressure wash my bike for 5 RMB, they even tried to wash my shoes, then went home for lunch. 

After lunch I rode around the Slim West Lake area. It's a real nice place with great scenery. Then I kept headed west and met up with my boss on his daily walk. We walked back to his house and chatted for awhile before I decided to go. Then I headed back to the east side of town to the supermarket before calling it a day. Needed cheese making supplies for my trial ricotta. I'm having with drawls for some lasagna...

3/9/2010 04:32:34

I thought you were talking about your quad, I didn't realize you meant a bike-bike. That was quite the exercise then! You are too funny!

3/17/2010 21:31:58


5/16/2010 21:56:18

the pics are beautiful You should have let them wash your shoes.

1/26/2012 00:54:32

THX for info

1/27/2012 09:31:06

will return before long

3/24/2012 14:24:50

Nice one info, thanks

5/31/2012 14:59:34

will be restored before long


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