Just putting a few pics of our weekend trips here. Two weekends ago we went out to one of our old camping spots called Shen Tian Lake. The roads on the way there are really nice. They just weave through the farms the whole way there. It's common to see the farmers plowing the fields with their bulls on the way. It's really quite the different lifestyle than in the city. In a half hour drive time you go from seeing 30 story buildings everywhere to brick or even wood houses.

This weekend we went to Zouma, it means walking horse in Chinese. Anyways the peach flowers are blossoming there and they have a festival. So we went to get out and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. It seems like it's been months since I've seen some sunshine around here so it was quite enjoyable. It's also always nice for me to escape this concrete jungle of a city.

Tao Ran Hot Pot, CQ>Liang Lu>Pian Yan>Shen Tian Lake> Jin Dao Gorge

A Temple in CQ & Zouma Peach Flower Festival