Chengdu Trip

2/3/2009 21:17:01



 Hey everyone,

Went to Chengdu Friday. After finishing Maggie's cousins' wedding lunch party we hopped on the bus and 4 hours later we arrived Chengdu. We stayed at her friend Shirley's apt. since she was back in Chongqing visiting family for the holiday anyways. After we got there we dropped our bags and headed to Hooters for some wings. Maggie also enjoys the food there. It's one place I can go and feel a little American for a while.

The next day we met our travel group at 7:30 and headed out to Xiling Mountain, a few hours away. After arriving we took the cable car up the mountain checked into our hotel and then took another cable car up higher to view the mountain. It was nice but there wasn't much snow but it was cool for Maggie since she had never seen the snow. Then in the afternoon we went skiing for an hour and tried to teach Maggie the basics on skiing.

The next day we went skiing in the AM for a couple more hours. Maggie was able to get on the lift and make it down the hill after I helped her out for a while. She only had one hard crash because she got going a little fast and couldn't slow down. So she now has a nice bruise on the hip to show for it. After that she kept trying and finally figured out the trick to snow plow hard enough to stop properly. Unfortunately that was about the time we had to go. Hopefully we'll have another chance to practice more at a better ski hill. This was a good place to start off for her though. So anyways it turned out to be a fun trip.

At noon time we had to head back to Chengdu. Then the next morning we headed out to the amusement park in town. Check out the pics below and go to to see all of my videos!

Xiang Li
2/4/2009 23:19:31

It seems that you possess a wonderful holiday!!!

2/8/2009 21:27:02

Indeed I did, teaching my baobei to ski was a wonderful time!

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