Sanya Map

Yalong Bay is where our hotel was located. It is known as the best beach in Sanya and home to many of the 5 star resorts. The beach is very beautiful there, especially the western side. The only part I didn't enjoy about Yalong Bay is the over priced, under tasty, under sized food. If I go to Sanya in the future I will choose to stay in Dadong Beach and take trips to Yalong Bay whenever I want to go for a nice walk along the beach in the day or night because it is definitely most comfortable for that. Be sure to eat before you go as there is not much food there besides expensive BBQ.

Wuzhizhou Island is another place worth the ticket fee. After you get to the location you will have to take a 15 minute fairy ride out to the island. If it is windy the sea gets pretty rough and may make some people sick. You may want some motion sickness pills if you don’t handle the sea well. This is also a great place to go diving if the waters are calm. However the price will be much higher than Tianya Haijiao. Be sure to have enough time to walk the islands coast as there are many different views to enjoy.  This is where Maggie and I went diving our first time at around 10 meters deep.

Dadong Beach is like the public downtown beach. There are many lower cost hotels, and more restaurants than you can shake a stick at. Prices are much more reasonable here and if you choose to do any water sports this is the place. It’s a very fun beach to hang out at but more crowded than Yalong beach. If you enjoy western food look up the Rainbow Bar and Grill, they have an amazing selection with reasonable prices. They have two locations in the downtown near Dadong Beach and another on the river front of the bar area.


Tianya Haijiao is a must stop. It is the place to go for photos, the sunset, and diving. Most of the diving will just be walking out into the water and 1-3 meters deep but there are many nice corals and fish to enjoy. The water is very clear here. Also the prices were much less than other locations for the diving at the time we were there. Make sure to get there early enough to allow yourself time for diving and to view all the large rock formations. Be sure to eat before you go as there is not much food there besides expensive BBQ.

Yanoda Rainforest 
Ya no da, means 1, 2 ,3 in Hainan local dialect. It is also how the locals of this area are used to say hello and goodbye to each other. It is a wonderful place to visit and by far the best managed Chinese tourism park I have seen. Especially the 128 RMB ticket includes the bus from downtown to rainforest, gate fee, electric trolley, and audio tour guide in English or Chinese! The first place I have seen in China where everything is included. Normally everyone is trying to get a percentage in China. They also have a very friendly staff. There is a buffet at the front gate for 28 or 38 RMB or they sell snacks throughout the park. It is full of tropical fruits, Chine herbal medicines, 1000 year old trees, and many odd plant species.

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