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I want to go...
Xi'an, China- to see Terra Cotta warriors and other culture related attractions.
Dunhuang, China- to see the sandy Chinese desert and many culture attractions.
Tibet, China
- various locations to see Tibet!
Beijing, China- I have been to the airport but yet to make it to the Great Wall.
Thailand- My last trip got cancelled by the riots and what not but it's still in my places to see.
Malaysia- I want to see the awesome city life.
Singapore-I want to see the awesome city life.
USA- I have more states to explore the natural beauty to include; upper Michigan, Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Hawaii, Maine, and CA to see the redwoods, I think that's it
Brazil- I think will be a good place to start South America
Egypt- I've looked into Egypt from the flight deck of the USS Saipan while traveling through the Suez Canal on my way to Iraq but I want to go in and get a good look at the pyramids myself. I'm still in disbelief someone actually built that.
Greenland- more incredible land
Iceland- awesome but scary expensive
Moscow, Russia- The only place in Russia I might feel safe enough to go. Maybe I watch two many Russian drug movies. It is an awesome city though.
- Maybe to see the wonderful beaches and possibly see some friends.
Tanzinia, Africa- I must go on a real Safari in my life, I have to.

Well I guess this is my starter list. Hopefully if I keep on the right track and avoid having stuff I don't need I can afford to make it to one or even two places a year. If you would like to 
please go HERE! ;)


Where I've been...
The Middle East- From Kuwait to Iraq to Afghanastan, to Kyrgyzstan. Well some are technically Asia but whatever. These places are very interesting but do to the popularity of Americans there I'll have to pass on returning to them or their neighbors for now. I had enough during my stay.
Camp Schoup, Feb-Mar 03- awaiting for the war to begin and returned after leaving Iraq
Kuwait City, May 03- to load our equipment onto the USS Saipan after leaving Iraq
Iraq, Mar-May 03
An Nasiriyah- was our first city we arrived in. We battled there for 2 weeks to overtake the city and secure supply routes/bridges which would later be used to resupply Baghdad
Al Kut, Mar- after An Nasiriyah was secured we moved hear to fight and restore order to the city. It was a prior air base for Iraq and still a major weapons cache
Afghanastan, Nov 03-May04
Bagram Air Base- Our base camp in for our stay in Afghan. We returned to here between our patrols and trip to Asadabad.
Kabul- We occasionally patrolled through here.
Asadabad-lied in NW Afghan just 5 miles from Pakistan. We were sitting on the top of the mountains waiting for Bin Laden to return I guess. We never found him. We rotated people in and out of here from Bagram.
Manas Air Base, May 04- Near Bishkek, the capitol we flew into Manas after departing Afghan aboard a C-130 from Bagram. We stayed for a couple days impatiently waiting for a civilian flight that would return us to base in NC.
China, Apr-Aug 07, Jan-Apr 08, Jun 08-Present
My time here has been great but I need to get out to some other places in Tibet and into the north maybe even to Mongolia. China has a lot to see, have you checked the map lately?
Chongqing- I first came here on business then it became my home. It is a municipality with many smaller surrounding cites that I have traveled to but am not listing. 
Sanya, Dec. 08- China's Hawaii, located upon the island of Hainan is a wonderful beach city. Stayed for 8 days 
Shanghai- We took a trip there for my birthday in 09 to get Mexican food! It's a really nice modernized city.
Chengdu- I have been three times, all to go to the US Embassy. During my stays we always get to visit with Maggie's good friend Shirley.
Lijiang-Multiple times including Shanggri-la, Pudacuo Nation Park, 3 day hike through Tiger Leaping Gorge and others. Our friend now owns a nice guest house there.
Xi'an-On our drive to yangzhou we stopped for a couple days to enjoy the city and Terracotta Warriors.
Zhengzhou-To see the world famous Shao Lin Temple, known for Kung Fu. It's even included in Motal Kombat video games. Many people try to go there to study Chinese Kung Fu.
Beijing- Went for a tour of Temple of Heaven, Tian An Men Square, and the Great Wall among other places with my Dad, Robin, David, and Wife July 09 after the wedding.
Yangzhou-Now my current work place. See it here!
South Korea
Seoul, Apr 08- I spent a few days here on layover while returning from China. It is a nice city but ridiculously expensive. Great to see but I don't need to go back anytime soon.
Tokyo- I have been to the airport a couple of times. Just enough time to have some dry Japanese beer.
Europe- I definitely want more time there. My first stop I think will be Italy, Rome possibly? Need more time in Germany since I only seen mostly the air base. More Spain could also be good, I loved walking the small streets of Spain. I would also love to get around Ireland a bit, stop by London, and anywhere else I could.
Zaragoza, Mar 02-Just after arriving NC to my new unit we shipped out to Spain for a training exercise with Spain and other participants. I spent about 4 days of free time in Zargoza where the drinking age was conveniently 18 and I was 20. We were in Spain for 1 month.
Rota, June 03- This was our first port to stop while returning from Iraq aboard the USS Saipan. We spent 4 days here to unwind and drink lots of Sangria.
Welshpool, Aug 06- I drove from Birmingham to a small town in Wales to work for 2 weeks. Not much to do there but seeing the UK was great and they really know how to have fun there.
Ramstein Air Base, Nov 03- I spent a couple days here while we awaited an Air Force flight crew to take us into Afghan aboard a C5 military cargo jet.
North America-
Wallaceburg, Ontario- I worked there for a few days
St. Catharine’s, long time ago
- We traveled from MI to the Niagara Falls through Canada.
Chihuahua, May 08- I spent a week here working and getting a tan.